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Temple Beth Am is an inclusive Reform Jewish community pursuing joyous worship, engaged learning, and social justice.

TBA welcomes the entire spectrum of our Jewish community: people of all ages, races, and abilities; interfaith families; and people who are single, partnered, straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. As a vibrant center of learning, we enable each member to reflect the holy.

Voted "Best Synagogue" by the readers of Jewish in Seattle!

What's New

H2R Sunday Morning Forum

H2R logoAdvocating for Homelessness Legislation
Sunday, December 4, 10:00 – 11:15 AM 
TBA Sanctuary
TBA's Homeless to Renter (H2R) program will give a presentation and discussion of homelessness and what we can do about it. Teresa Clark, the organizing director for the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, will present information on upcoming legislative efforts to address homelessness in Washington State.

Join us for a timely discussion of what we can do to support efforts in the upcoming January 2017 legislative session to help prevent homelessness. For more information on this program, visit our Adult Education webpage.

TBA Hanukkah Appeal

Hanukkah Appeal

Temple Beth Am is committed to helping Jews and their loved ones build a joyful, spiritual, caring, and egalitarian community. We are deeply grateful for the gifts that our community has shared and ask that you help support our efforts for the future. As we celebrate religious freedom and the re-dedication of our Judaism, please reflect on the light and meaning TBA has brought to your life and make your gift today. Your gift helps TBA remain a source of communal and spiritual light.

TBA Rejects Stephen Bannon Appointment

Temple Beth Am has joined the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and many other local Jewish organizations in objecting to the appointment of Stephen Bannon as chief White House strategist and counselor as well as any others that threaten the fabric of our civil society. Read the Federation's letter that Rabbi Ruth A. Zlotnick signed on behalf of TBA and the Jewish values that we strive to uphold.

Rabbi Ruth A. Zlotnick's FAN Keynote Address

On Sunday, November 20, Rabbi Ruth A. Zlotnick delivered the keynote address at the Annual Dinner for the Faith Action Network (FAN). She was asked to talk about the post-election path forward for people of faith. Despite this difficult task, she spoke eloquently and passionately about the need to press forward, be an ally, and fight injustice during these difficult times.

"...we get to define the moment for ourselves and we will choose the path of exodus. We will continue the remarkable work of our home communities and of FAN and join together, millions strong, journeying forward, united in one purpose—to transform this country into a safe haven for all its citizens, a beacon of civil rights, a land of opportunity where every one of us has access to food, shelter, education, health care, security, free speech, equal protection under the law. We are fellow travelers on this exodus together, willing to fight for these values upon which our country was established, despite the immense challenges that lie ahead of us.

Together we will speak up. Together we will organize. Together we will remain vigilant when the rights of others are trampled on. We will not stop on our exodus until we have transformed this country into the Promised Land that we know it can be, a land where all of its citizens experience liberty and justice for all."

To read more of Rabbi Zlotnick's FAN keynote address, "Choosing the Path Forward," you can click here.




Best of Jewish Washington 2015
As voted by readers of "Jewish in Seattle" magazine

We made a great showing in this year's "Best of Jewish Washington"!

  • Best Synagogue (tied with Minyan Ohr Chadash)
  • Best Cantor/Hazzan: Wendy Marcus
  • Best Hebrew School
  • Best Adult Education
  • Best Educator Runner-up: Rabbi Janine Schloss
  • Best Rabbi Runner-up: Rabbi Jason Levine
  • Best Youth Group Runner-up: BATY
  • Best Local Musical Act Runner-up: Shawn’s Kugel

Mazel tov to all of the winners, both at TBA and throughout the city, and to all of you who have made TBA a place people feel is one of the Best in Seattle!


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