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Celebrating 60 Years


Honoring Our Past, Envisioning Our Future

In 2016, we celebrate 60 years since the founding of Temple Beth Am. We welcome everyone to join us as we cherish the memories and the individuals who shaped our community, and we invite you to share your hopes and aspirations for the future of this temple. 

Using our community's most engaging events over the coming months, we will be offering ways for you to deepen your knowledge of Temple Beth Am's history and challenging all of our members to open their minds to our shared future. Keep updated with all of the details on these opportunities below:


60th Anniversary Interactive Art Exhibit

Temple member Rona Frances has created six panels representing Temple Beth Am six decades. Each panel is framed by a representation of a Torah scroll. The right side of each scroll features tikkun text selected from the five books with the 6th representing the final words from Deuteronomy. The left side of each scroll is wrapped in fabric to convey a Torah cover. Rona has chosen the six colors of the rainbow in tribute to her vision and to Temple Beth Am commitment to inclusiveness. The boards between the scrolls display photos, news clippings, and flyers from each decade.

We encourage our members to add their own photos or memorabilia to the appropriate decade, and, on the last panel, we welcome all to share their visions for our future.

Special thank you's to friends/helpers Will Gundy and Anni Shelley, and thank you to Diane Baer, Sis Polin, and Victoria Guy for archival support.