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David Lizzo with Club 45Temple Beth Am's programs encourage middle school youth and high school teens to be socially active in Jewish settings, both at TBA and at venues throughout Seattle.

Our youth groups are proud members of the Reform Movement's North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY). Temple Beth Am belongs to NFTY's Northwest Region, which consists of youth groups in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and the province of British Columbia. 


Our Upcoming Events:

NFTY Northwest Spring Kallah
Friday, April 21 – Sunday, April 23
URJ Camp Kalsman in Arlington, WA
Cost: $250 (April 5 deadline)
Space Available: $280 (any time after April 5 deadline, pending Regional Advisor approval)
Meet new people and see your friends ! Celebrate Shabbat with delicious food, singing and dancing. Enjoy multiple "BIG FUN" activities, and elect the 2017-2018 regional board. This fun event is open to any Jewish teens in grades 8 to 12. To register, visit NFTY NW events.




Beth Am Temple Youth (BATY): 
9th to 12th GradersBATY

Beth Am Temple Youth (BATY) is a teen-led youth group for 9th through 12th graders headed by our Director of Youth Engagement, David Lizzo. “BATYites” forge and build friendships, lifelong Reform Jewish identities, and leadership skills through community-building, worship, social action, and experiential youth-led Jewish educational programming.

Programs may include evening events, skiing, Shabbaton Shul-Ins, attending a national leadership camp with hundreds of Jewish teens from across North America, making a difference in someone's life with a mitzvah project, concerts, or social action. The goals of BATY are to instill Jewish identity, increase synagogue participation among high school youth, foster long-term commitment to the ideals and values of Reform Judaism, and create today the Reform Jewish congregants of tomorrow.

BATY at Camp Kalsman

BATY has an incredible 2016-2017 season planned, with over 50 individuals attending events and our NFTY Spring Kallah at Camp Kalsman. Our relationship-driven program has come a long way in building the youth culture at Temple Beth Am this year, and we look forward to another exciting year. 

Please contact David Lizzo, Director of Youth Engagement, with any questions.

Junior Beth Am Temple Youth (jBATY): jBATY at Sounders game
6th to 8th Graders

All of Temple Beth Am's 6th - 8th graders are invited to be a part of our Junior Youth Group programs and events, held throughout the school year combining social fun, tikkun olam, and spirituality. Some events are huge and include Jewish tweens from all over the greater Seattle area, some are smaller and include tweens just from TBA.

Our most popular annual events include the limo scavenger hunts and movie nights. All programs are planned by our Director of Youth Engagement, David Lizzo, with input from the students and the senior youth groupers as well as the other Reform congregations.

Please contact David Lizzo, Director of Youth Engagement, with any questions about this group.


Club 45: Club 45 at Bob's Corn Maze
4th to 5th Graders

Club 45 is a newer group for TBA students in 4th or 5th grade who want more than just the Religious School experience. It’s a chance to hang out with your RS friends in a fun, exciting environment and is the precursor to our flagship youth groups jBATY (6th - 8th grade) and BATY (9th - 12th grade). We will be holding two to three events over the year, come check it out! 

Please contact David Lizzo, Director of Youth Engagement, with any questions about this group.


Beth Am Teen Ambassadors TeenAmbassadorsWebSquare

The Beth Am Teen Ambassadors program is a brand new teen-initiated social action and community service program that allows teens to do meaningful work in their neighborhoods and around the greater Seattle area. Teens can attend one event or many and can even host events they help create and design. Events are scheduled at least one time a month in varying neighborhoods, and range in size from 4 to 15 volunteers.

Our Upcoming Events:

Jalia Setel and Shira Lyss Loren are the teen leaders coordinating events. So far, we have had several successful events working with Mary’s Place, Northwest Harvest Food Bank downtown, MLK Day Celebration & March, Ronald McDonald House, and the JFS Food Bank.

Contact David Lizzo if you have any questions about any of our Youth programs or events.


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