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Jerusalem Post

  1. Hamas: If Israel changes the rules of the game… we accept the challenge

    “We don’t care if there is an imbalance of power; our will is more powerful than their force. Our will and beliefs are more powerful than their weapons."
  2. West Bank and Trump: Two birds, one AIPAC protest

    “For us, the fact that this year marks the first year of Trump’s presidency and the 50th year of occupation forces the Jewish community to ask itself: which side are we on?"
  3. 'Ties between US Jews and Israel could reach breaking point in 2017'

    Reut Institute says Israel suffers from "blind spot" with regard to Diaspora.
  4. Abbas urges Israel not to miss new opportunity for peace

    Greenblatt to attend 28th Arab League Summit in Jordan.
  5. B’Tselem: IDF temporarily evicts 10 Palestinian families

    In 2015 and 2016, the IDF handed out such orders 19 times, according to B’Tselem.
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