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  1. In the spotlight: Political and racial profiling at the border

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the unusual step this week of saying the questioning of US author Peter Beinart was an “administrative mistake.”
  2. Attempted stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City, suspect shot dead

    According to the police, the stabber approached a group of policemen in the Old City's Muslim Quarter and apparently tried to stab one of the officers.
  3. Report: Two killed, 270 wounded, in Gaza border clashes

    Palestinian reports say protestors have gathered along the border fence and are rioting and burning tires.
  4. Netanyahu interrogated for four hours in Case 4000 media bribery probe

    The interrogation was held at the prime minister's Jerusalem residence and lasted around four hours.
  5. Jeffrey, blunt career diplomat, named Pompeo's new Syria envoy

    "Putin is out to undermine the entire US security system in the Middle East, and Trump keeps allowing him to do this, as Obama did but in different ways," Jeffrey continued.
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