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Jerusalem Post

  1. In Iran-Israel spar, Netanyahu says Iran will pay a heavy price

    Netanyahu spoke at a festive cabinet meeting held at the Independence Hall on Rothschild Street in Tel Aviv, where the state was declared in 1948 by the first prime minister David Ben Gurion.
  2. On 70th anniversary, Israel's economy growing as some sectors lag behind

    With a booming economy along with more cars on the highway and soaring international investment in hi-tech, Israel seems to be doing well.
  3. Live updates: One dead in protests along Gaza border

    The IDF dropped leaflets over the Gaza Strip, warning protesters against approaching the border fence, attempts to breach it and to carry out terror attacks.
  4. Greenblatt: Palestinians have 'right to protest dire circumstances'

    The United States envoy stressed they should do so at a safe distance from Israel’s border with the strip and with no violence.
  5. Romania to move its embassy to Jerusalem, minister says

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed in a speech to diplomats at the President's Residence in Jerusalem Thursday that more countries were on the way.
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