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Curriculum: 8th Grade

Tough Decisions for New Jewish Adults

8thGradeDayofChange2014 2Web The 8th graders have a schedule that allows them time to meet more students, choose classes that interest them, and learn from many different teachers. This enhances their peer-to-peer socialization, gives them opportunities to be inspired in different ways by their various teachers, and allows them to move from class to class as they are accustomed to doing in middle school.

The Core Judaics Curriculum is comprised of students who represent the diversity of the class as a whole. We encourage parents to use the registration forms to request, if they wish, a student with whom they would like their child to be placed.

For the Tuesday evening elective period (which is combined with the 7th graders), the students are able to choose from as many as seven electives for each elective unit. There will be three elective units during the course of the year, so the students will have a chance to explore a number of different topics as varied as Modern Hebrew, Israeli Film, Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism, Jewish Humor, and more. Every year eighth graders also participate in the annual Day of Change (as in photo above), meeting refugees and immigrants from Asia and Africa and engaging in hands-on social action. During the year they also visit a Buddhist monastery, a Catholic church, and an Islamic mosque.

Our 8th graders are also encouraged to become Madrichim (teacher helpers), and become involved with jBATY (junior Beth Am Temple Youth).

Schedule for 8th graders:

Tuesday evening:
5:30 - 6:15 PM: Optional pizza dinner
6:15 - 6:45 PM: Services in Sanctuary, led by the rabbis
6:45 - 7:27 PM: Tuesday Electives (with 7th graders)
7:27 - 7:32 PM: Passing Time
7:32 - 8:15 PM: Core Judaics/Homeroom