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Beth Am Parent Association (BAPA)

When you have a child in our Religious School, you are a member of the Beth Am Parents Association (BAPA). Our goal is to foster connection and communication among students and their families.

To help with this, we create programs that bring families together and provide opportunities for parents and children to form relationships that extend beyond the synagogue and Religious School so that everyone feels welcome and comfortable at Temple Beth Am. Past BAPA-sponsored activities include community-building events for parents such as Shmoozes during Religious School hours, grade-level picnics and potluck Shabbat dinners, BAPA-Sponsored Parent Forums with each of the Rabbis, and Mitzvah Day every spring.

Involved parents lead to involved children. We hope BAPA gives you and your family the opportunity to get to know other Beth Am families and gain a greater sense of community.

BAPA is seeking a few more parents to join our fun committee! Please contact our co-chairs,
either Helen Spencer-Snyder or Mikhaila Reudink at BAPA@templebetham.org .

BAPA Resources
(click on the names below to download the PDFs)

BAPA Bylaws
Grade Level Shabbat Potluck Handbook

BAPA Executive Committee
OPEN - Secretary
Alisa Weise - Treasurer
Rachel Scherr and Christiane Rahbarrad - Mitzvah Day
OPEN - 3s, PreK, and K Picnics
OPEN - Opening Day of School
Denise Wechsler - Parent Education
Susan Devan and Hilary Loeb - B'nai Mitzvah Parent Panel
Rachel Scherr and Stephanie Fekety - Schmoozes
Mikhaila Reudink and Sam Rosen - Grade Level Shabbat Potluck Dinners