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ChoirAltos At Temple Beth Am, we believe in the transformational power of music: that it lifts our soul and energizes our spirit, that its very nature can inspire and connect us to one another.

We are blessed with a volunteer choir that sings at services on the first Friday night of each month and on Saturday mornings when there is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, choosing from a repertoire that includes Chassidic, Classical Reform, Israeli, Yemenite, Yiddish, and contemporary Jewish music.

Contact Choir Director Taryn Webber for more information about how you can connect with Temple Beth Am choir.

Choir Best of Beth Am
We have a variety of songs from our Choir available for listening. Some are contemplative and restful, others are invigorating and joyous, but all are uplifting. You can find short selections of some of these beloved standards on the right, or you can go here to hear pieces by our in-house resident composer, Shawn Weaver, and regular Friday night accompanist, Murl Allen Sanders.

ChoirPros Rehearsals
While the ability to read sheet music is preferred, care is taken to include and nurture those who cannot. Singers may join the choir any time during the year (except July when the choir is off) and do not need to be members of TBA.

The choir’s regular rehearsals are at 7:30 PM on the first Wednesday of each month. In preparation for the musical marathon of the High Holy Days, the choir generally rehearses six Wednesdays in a row. Each section of the choir is anchored by a professional. Choir members are expected to attend rehearsals and as many services as possible.

Please check back for more information about how you can connect with Temple Beth Am choir.

Choir Samples - Friday Night

Lecha / Uva-u ha-ovdim

Ma Navu:



Oseh Shalom (Debbie Pinto):



Mi Chamocha (Joyce Shane arr.):

Choir Samples - High Holy Days

Mi Chamocha (Peter Klein arr.):

Uvashofar gadol:

Avinu Malkaynu (Chassidic):

Ki Hem Chayenu:

Modeh Ani:

Eil Norah Alilah:

Pitchu Li: