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babybrisdad"Be fruitful and multiply" is the first commandment in the Torah. Our rabbis are honored to officiate at events marking the birth of your child, brit milah (ritual circumcision) for boys and baby namings for girls, who will be raised in the Jewish faith. We can put you in touch with a mohel (ritual cirumcisor) and help you understand the ceremony.

Members and non-members alike may schedule a baby naming for Friday night or Saturday morning services at Temple Beth Am. These blessings on our bimah are so beautiful, and an opportunity to share your event with the greater community. Jewish and non-Jewish parents and grandparents are all invited to participate in a blessing over the next generation!

In-home baby namings and brit milah with rabbinic officiation are reserved for members of TBA.

The rabbis are always glad to speak with you about these beginning life cycle events. To schedule an appointment, contact the Executive Assistant at 206-525-0915 x201.