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A Jewish life is a fulfilling one, and our rabbis work with any person, member or not, who wishes to pursue conversion to Judaism. You may set up an exploration meeting with our rabbis, where any and all questions are welcome. We offer an annual Introduction to Judaism class at Temple Beth Am, but our rabbis will sponsor those who have taken classes at other synagogues as well.

To work with the rabbis for conversion, candidates take an approved introduction to Judaism class, a basic Hebrew class, and then meet with the rabbi on an agreed basis for preparation towards the conversion. Our philosophy is that conversion to Judaism is a personal journey: each candidate schedules a meeting when they are ready, and so can complete the process in as little as six months or proceed at their own pace.

Our rabbis work on conversion in conjunction with the Washington Coalition of Rabbis, and so require a Beit Din, a tribunal of rabbis who interview you and affirm your conversion; and brit milah (circumcision) or hatafat dam brit (symbolic circumcision in cases where the male candidate is already circumsized).

To schedule an appointment with the rabbis, contact the Executive Assistant at 206-525-0915 x201.